If you’re eager to explore the performance of your McLaren in a safe environment, Pure McLaren has the answer: each year, the events team at McLaren GT organises exclusive driving experiences on some of the world’s most famous circuits. The 2014 calendar features tracks like Silverstone in the UK and the Nürburgring GP circuit in Germany.

This year there are three types of Pure McLaren experiences: an introductory day for drivers who may never have been to a circuit before; McLaren Owners’ Events, where McLaren drivers are invited to bring their own cars; and a new Pure McLaren Performance Course for owners who want to find out if they have what it takes to be a racing driver.


Pure McLaren Experience

The Pure McLaren Experience offers drivers who are new to the brand a chance to sample the McLaren 12C on a circuit. With a fleet of cars available and a team of McLaren instructors on hand, the day is an unforgettable experience. It’s also a great way to learn about the McLaren 12C’s performance, and key features like the Airbrake or the Proactive Chassis Control. Guests also get to enjoy a hot lap from an instructor to find out what the McLaren 12C is really capable of. 


McLaren owners’ day

McLaren drivers keen to explore their car’s potential on a track can join us for this full-day experience.

Pure McLaren events enjoy exclusive use of each circuit, creating a ‘club’ atmosphere, and owners can bring a guest. The event has an ‘open pit lane’ format, so everyone can go at their own pace. McLaren instructors are on hand, and some Owners’ Days also feature guest speakers and high-speed McLaren GT race-car demonstrations.

Pure McLaren Performance Course

Pure McLaren’s new Performance Course offers drivers the chance to develop their skills with one-to-one instruction from a McLaren GT pro driver. Each intensive course is tailored to the guest’s individual goals, whether that’s improving lap times or working towards a full race licence.

A typical day would include a minimum of six 25-minute sessions on track driving a Pure McLaren car, plus off-track theory work. As guests progress, they will be able to book more advanced training, which includes the chance to drive the McLaren 12C GT Sprint, or even a 12C GT3 race car.

The 2014 event calendar is now available and features world-class racing circuits booked exclusively for Pure McLaren.  For further information, register your interest with the Pure McLaren team here


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