McLaren is known for pushing the boundaries of technology, but one part of our design process remains proudly traditional.

Ever since we launched the first carbon fibre Formula 1™ car in 1981, McLaren has been synonymous with cutting-edge materials and design. It may come as a surprise, then, to find a corner of the McLaren Technology Centre where the hand and the eye still rule over computers – a place dedicated to the ancient art of sculpture.
There is a team of around 35 people working in our in-house styling studio, and six of them are clay modelling specialists.  One of those modellers, Daniel Wright, explains why clay is still important: ‘You can look at something on a screen as long as you want, but when you actually see it in the flesh – nothing beats that.  Its the modeller’s job to bring sketches and computer renderings to life, using wood-handled tools and lots of warm, brown clay.'
Clay, then, is an integral part of McLaren’s design process. Computers have their place, and wind tunnels are essential for high-speed performance cars, but at McLaren, creating a beautiful car is still an art.


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