Imagine a car that captures the spirit and dynamism expected from a supercar, yet delivers it with a focus on usability and attainability normally only available from much less exclusive sports cars. That car is the new 570S Coupé, the first McLaren Sports Series model.


The debut of the McLaren Sports Series completes a three-tier range alongside the Super Series and Ultimate Series. The 570S, and its 540C sibling which will follow in spring 2016, aren’t merely new cars – they bring bona fide McLaren values to the sports car market for the first time. Like every McLaren, the 570S is built on a solid foundation of racing technology and unparalleled performance. No other car in the class has a carbon fibre chassis at its core, dihedral doors, standard carbon ceramic brakes or a V8 engine featuring a flat-plane crank for the purest response. And no other car in this segment can get within 140kg of the dry weight of the nimble 570S Coupé.

That low kerb weight impacts on every facet of the car’s behaviour when tackling a challenge as tough as the spectacular Autódromo do Algarve racetrack, 2.9 miles of perfectly smooth but serpentine-like Tarmac carved into the hills near Portugal’s southern coast. Direction changes are instant and the unparalleled 434PS (428bhp) per tonne power-to-weight ratio means the 570S Coupé dispatches the circuit’s steep climbs with the same ease that the standard carbon ceramic brakes show for shedding speed in time for each of its 15 corners.

With launch control deployed and all 570PS (562bhp) and 600Nm (443lb ft) sent to the rear tyres through the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, 100kph (62mph) arrives in only 3.2 seconds from a standing start. Push the goalposts out to 200kph (124mph) and the clock reads 9.5 seconds, making the 570S Coupé sufficiently rapid to dispatch not merely every car in its class, but most from the one above it.

The Sports Series’ newly developed coil-sprung double-wishbone suspension with front and rear anti-roll bars – distinct from the Super Series and Ultimate Series – gives the 570S Coupé a different character, but all the McLaren hallmarks are still there. In town, the ride is supple, subtly smoothing away irregularities in the surface. Body movements are never less than perfectly composed, the level of control from the adaptive dampers is selectable by the three-mode Handling toggle, which sits alongside a similar Powertrain dial that governs drivetrain settings. But the crowning glory of the 570S Coupé experience is the steering. Unfailingly accurate, it creates a vivid picture of the front tyres’ relationship with the road, whether you’re spearing across country on a motorway run, or indulging your senses by taking the scenic route home.



Whatever the setting, whatever the weather, the 570S Coupé feels agile, alert and on your side, encouraging you to push harder into each corner, to feel the grip and feel confident to play with it. That’s now easier than ever on a production McLaren because, following the lead of the limited edition 675LT Coupé, the ESP switch is decoupled from the Powertrain and Handling toggles’ settings…

Yet this focus on performance is shot through with real usability. The latest MonoCell II carbon fibre chassis features a lower sill height for easier access to a cabin that offers ample storage space for phones and wallets – so important in an everyday car but so often an afterthought in a sports car. The new instrument binnacle displays turn-by-turn navigation instructions, and there are shortcut keys for the IRIS infotainment system’s main functions. Planning a weekend away? There’s 144 litres of cargo space under the bonnet, plus a huge shelf behind the seats waiting to swallow another couple of bags.

A low scuttle, raised wing peaks and generous over-the-shoulder and rear visibility mean urban adventures are nothing to fear, particularly with the optional reversing camera. If, on the other hand, you’re more interested in cameras to record progress around your favourite race circuit, you can choose to equip your 570S Coupé to do just that with the IRIS-based McLaren Track Telemetry app.

This unrivalled mix of performance and functionality doesn’t merely break new ground for McLaren, it breaks new ground for all sports cars.





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