Some supercars are covered with dustsheets their whole lives. Some sit in museums, some in private collections – prized, yes; valued, undoubtedly; but not always driven.

On the whole, McLarens aren’t like this, and that’s because McLaren owners love to drive their cars. Take Michael Benham – British born and based in Switzerland, Michael is a true car enthusiast and a former McLaren 12C owner, who couldn’t wait to get his hands on the new McLaren P1™ when the production version was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013. 

When his car was delivered just over a year later, Michael collected it from his local McLaren Retailer and immediately set out for one of the most challenging and rewarding circuits in the world: the Spa Grand Prix circuit in Belgium, where Pure McLaren was hosting a customer track day. His journey epitomises what the McLaren P1™ was always designed for: to be a comfortable and usable long-distance road car, that can transform at the push of a button into a stunningly quick, high-downforce track car.

After his 500-mile journey across Europe – and just 36 hours after collecting the car from McLaren Geneva – this is how Michael got on. 



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