The 650S Sprint is an evolution of the successful 12C GT Sprint, and moves the game on as the 650S roadcar has done. The 650S Sprint is an easier car to fully exploit and enjoy for a driver, and the levels of engagement and refinement have been optimised. The development programme for the car has been extensive as we continue to focus on delivering a more engaging GT racing experience.




The track-focused 650S Sprint retains the sophisticated technologies of the roadgoing 650S Coupe on which it is based, to offer one of the most sophisticated trackday cars available. Not limited by series-led homologation specifications, the 650S Sprint offers optimised aerodynamics and performance, and enhanced driver engagement.

650S Sprint edited 2.jpg



The 650S Sprint shares multiple design features and components with the 650S GT3. Aesthetically, there’s noticeable differences, but the shared quick-fill motorsport fuel tank and front radiator ensure its optimised for an unrivalled track day experience. It also utilises the same 3.8-litre twin-turbo M838T engine found in the 650S road car, capturing its appeal, while showcasing the brand’s true motorsport heritage through raw performance.


As with its road car sibling, the 650S Sprint features an aerodynamically optimised design but with increased levels of downforce for track use and revised air intakes carried for sufficient cooling of the engine. The cabin is fully track-focused and stripped out to reduce its overall weight. The interior features an FIA-approved rollcage to further cocoon the driver, a lightweight carbon fibre HANS-approved racing seat with full six-point harness, offers a perfect driving position, while an air-conditioning system is retained adding comfort.

650S Sprint edited.jpg

650Sprint interior.jpg


The 650S Sprint offers customers a level of customisation and personalisation not available for the 650S GT3 due restrictions in its FIA homologation. Customers can upgrade the Sprint’s aerodynamics with a full CFD package which includes a carbon fibre rear wing and front splitter. A passenger seat can also be added for track-day enthusiasts who wish to be accompanied by an instructor.


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